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The controversial ING subsidiary Payvision was deeply involved in the fraudulent binary options industry. The Dutch FinTech and payment processor has accepted dozens of broker scams as its merchants. After the arrest of two important customers – German Uwe Lenhoff and Israeli Gal Barak – Payvision and its co-founder and CEO Rudolf Booker became part of the investigation by authorities in several EU countries. They are suspected of money laundering or involvement in money laundering.

FinTelegram News has been following the Payvision case for many months and has closely cooperated with the relevant investigative and supervisory authorities. The Dutch investigative magazine Follow the Money (“FTM“) carried out further research based on the information provided by FinTelegram and made inquiries to ING. The reports of FinTelegram could be confirmed.

After the withdrawal of the license of the Israeli-Lithuanian Bruc Bond UAB (formerly Moneta International UAB) in mid-April 2020, Payvision is already the second payment processor that apparently is experiencing the effects of the fraudulent binary options legacy.

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