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FinTech Update – Payvision Founders Resigned

Payvision founders rudolf booker and friends resigned

The controversial ING subsidiary Payvision was deeply involved in the fraudulent binary options industry. The FinTech as a payment processor has accepted dozens of broker scams as it merchants and processed their illicit transactions.

EFRI Fund for Scam Victims and Whistleblowers launched

EFRI Funds letter to scammers

The European Funds Recover Initiative (EFRI) will be restructured with effect from 15 May 2020. Since its foundation at the end of 2018, EFRI has received the authorization of more than 1,000 aggrieved retail investors from fraudulent brokerage platforms.

Financial Intelligence Bureau launches FinTech whitelisting services

CyberIntelligence at work with FIB

The Financial Intelligence Bureau Ltd (“FIB”) is a subsidiary of CyberIntelligence PLC and plays an important role in the Cyber Intelligence Network (“CyTelNet”). The FIB team aggregates and curates the wealth of information received via the different platforms from authorities, victims, whistleblowers, and its own market research into actionable financial intelligence for investors.